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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free vision screenings to the people of Uganda, with a hope to spread across the rest of Africa. We, the board of VSMIA, are comprised of a committee of Ugandan eye doctors, nurses and trained vision screeners, in addition to two American citizens.


What We Do


Determine potential need for vision reinforcement


Provide further examination


Supply much-needed glasses

As a team, we organize and administrate vision screening clinics. Those who attend are taken through a screening process and examinations to determine the general health of their eyes. If corrective lenses are deemed necessary, we are able to provide glasses that have been purchased by us or generously donated to us. We are also able to provide certain medications for those whose poor eyesight is due to bacterial and parasitic diseases.

In the years since we began in 2010, thousands of Ugandan citizens in various districts of the country have participated in these free clinics. Many have been given glasses and medications to help them see clearly, in some cases for the first time in their lives. VSMIA serves as many people as possible in the districts that ask for our help.

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How You Can Be A Part

There are always more people to treat than time and resources can allow. Through funding from interested individuals and churches in the United States and abroad, we hope to expand our reach and abilities.

As we help more and more people, we realize an increasing need for help ourselves. As interest and support grows, it is then the mission of VSMIA to expand beyond Ugandan borders to assist in the development of similar efforts to provide vision screening services, so as many African individuals can be helped as is possible.

If you wish to contribute to this effort, please make donations to Verde Valley Christian Church and include "VSMIA" in the memo line. The mailing address to send any donation is:

Verde Valley Christian Church
406 S. 6th Street
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

All donations will be used 100% to fund vision screening clinics: paying for the acquisition of medical supplies and equipment, transportation, and also compensation for the VSMIA Committee members who spend the long hours driving and meeting the needs of the people.

Your prayers for this effort are the most important donation you can make. It has been by, and through, the grace of God that all this has come about and it is to Him all the glory is given. We thank you for your interest and support of this vital effort. God bless you!